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A lot of the work I’ve done has been ghostwriting for clients, but here’s a list of my top guest posts published:


amanda  amanda 2

(Amanda Durepos – Content Coordinator at Unbounce)

Mike Harden

 (Mike Hardenbrook – Chief Strategist, Growth Geeks (a Techstars Company) & Co-founder, Growth Hacker TV)


Thank the heavens for Hassan! Sometimes it can be like pulling teeth
to get people to write non-boring B2B content. Hassan leaves a trail
of text that are mental bonbons that you can’t stop gobbling up

(Sean Work – Editor at Kissmetrics/Crazy Egg)

Sales, Conversion, Sales reps,

Pieces of content you delivered were awesome.” Satya Van Hyumen, Content Coordinator Fileboard.

Digital Marketing/B2B & Conversions

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