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7 Proven Ways to Boost Your Conversion Rates

Growing a business is hard. There’s no doubt about it.

There’s a ton of actions you can take to boost growth, but, not all of them are created equal. Should you increase leads? Conversions? Or profit?

The easiest and cheapest choice out of all options is to ramp up your conversions.

So here are 7 proven ways  to boost your conversions and consequently ramp up your sales and profits.


Let’s go.




  • Add A Risk Reversing Guarantee



When deciding to buy, there’s always going to be a level of risk involved. Especially when it’s something your prospect can’t physically touch.


A guarantee is an excellent way to reverse that risk and eliminate the thought of your prospect being “taken”.


Imagine that you want to buy a car, you’ve scoured the internet and found two dealers close to your city.


The first dealer tells you that he wants $2200 dollars for the car. Take it or leave it. No guarantees. If you don’t like it after buying, then tough luck.


The second guy asks for $2500 dollars. But he tells you that he’ll fill the tank with fuel, and let you test out the car for a week before you come to a decision. If you don’t like it, no problem, just bring it back and you owe nothing.


You’re likely to choose the second option right? Because there’s no burden on you, and the seller assumes most of the risk.


Two companies who do a good job of eliminating risk are Netflix and Terapeak.


Netflix gives prospects a free trial month where they won’t be charged unless they stay subscribed for longer than 30 days. It can be cancelled at any time.


Terapeak, a market research tool for ebay business owners, gives prospects a free 7 day trial in which they could potentially increase profits from research in their trial.


If you’re a prospect for any of these two business above, there’s no risk on your part and there’s no reason not to try them out.


That’s how you want your prospects to feel.


To nail down the optimal conversion boosting guarantee for your business, start by asking yourself the following questions.


  • Do you have a high or low cost product or service?
  • Are you billing customers every month?
  • Are you making bold claims?
  • Are you claims proven, or unproven?
  • What are your prospects most concerned about?


This will help you decide the optimal guarantee for your business and boost your conversion rates. However nothing tops A/B split testing to pinpoint what works best.




  • Sprinkle On Some Testimonials



Testimonials are just there to fill in blank space, right?


Well, not really.


We know that there’s always a feeling of risk or loss involved when deciding to buy, and that’s what makes testimonials great conversion boosters. They help prospects identify with your customers, show how your business impacts other lives and make your business more “human”.


When wikijobs wanted to increase the number of practice tests they sold, they split tested testimonials on their site and skyrocketed their sales by a huge 34% by adding a few simple “sober” testimonials.


To get the most bang for your buck with testimonials:


  • Keep them short, sweet and simple; with a heavy emphasis on the benefit of your service/product.
  • Sprinkle them throughout your website
  • Add a photo of your client or a company logo along with their name
  • Have a page dedicated to testimonials
  • Split test different testimonials on different pages


These two testimonials here by the hubspot customer testimonial page are excellent examples.


Image from
Image from


They’re both concise, clear and show prospects how other people are benefitting from hubspot.


If you’re looking to add testimonials to your site, two great plugins you can use are Clean Testimonials  and  WP Customer Reviews.




  • Have a Sales Funnel



Generally, the more expensive/complicated a product is, the more time it will take for people to be ready to buy.


That’s where a sales funnel comes in handy.


Let’s imagine that your product is an marketing course that’ll show customers how to increase their sales online.


You’re attracting visitors to your lead page and some are buying, but what about the remaining prospects?


Instead of just letting them go, offer an incentive for them to subscribe to your email list. You can offer an ebook, a checklist, or even an email course.


Once you have warmed them up and gained their trust by providing value, you can regularly invite them to check out your products/services.




  • Focus On Mouthwatering Benefits



Making your copy benefit driven is another powerful way to boost your conversions.


When Michael Aagaard of ran a test for Match (a real estate portal that helps businesses find offices for rent) he boosted their conversions by 14.79% by simply changing the CTA from “Order information and Prices” to “Get Information and prices”


Another case study that proves that power of benefit driven copy is from Roader Studios.


They wanted to increase opt ins for a campaign that shows people how they can get “business famous” in just five days.


So they switched their CTA from “click here to continue reading” to “Make me famous”. The result of this simple tweak?


A nice 8.39% boost in conversions.


There’s more case studies that reveal the same thing over and over again…benefit driven copy constantly outperforms vague, factual copy.


To boost your conversions right now, go through any headlines and CTAs that you have. Can you make them more benefit driven? Do they quickly tell the your prospect what he gains?


If not, think about the biggest benefit of your offer and weave it into your copy.

(Need help creating benefit driven copy? Drop me an email and I’ll see if I can help you out)




  • Power Up Your Headlines



An average of 8 out of 10 people read headline copy, but only 2 out of 10 will read the rest. Some scary figures when you’re trying to capture attention, right?


Your headlines can make or break your conversion rates. They’re responsible for hooking your prospects attention and seducing him into your copy by drilling the benefit of your offer into his brain.


If your headline fails to capture your prospects attention, it doesn’t matter how good your sales letter article or copy is. You’re doomed from the start.


3 ways to create high impact headlines that convert are to:


  • Arouse your reader’s curiosity
  • Have a gripping benefit to the reader
  • Be very clear and concise. No cute stuff.


You’ll find that the most popular headlines do at least one of the three things above really well.


As always, the best way to determine the optimal headline is to continually test different headlines. Which benefit interests your prospects the most? What words catch his attention better?


Answer those questions and you’re well on your way to creating powerful headlines that boost conversions.




  • Include A Compelling Value Proposition



One of the most influential factors for boosting conversions is your value proposition.


Simply put, a value proposition is the primary reason why a prospect should buy from you.


What’s in it for them? Why should they buy from you instead of your competition?


Well known value propositions include the Zappos “365 day return policy and we pay shipping both ways.” Apple’s “1000 songs in your pocket”, and from Kissmetrics “Google analytics tell you what happened, Kissmetrics tells you who did it”.


A good value proposition tells your prospect how your product/service will benefit him and how you’re different/better than your competition. All three of the above examples do both things perfectly.


In the 1920’s Schlitz beer was number 5 in the American beer market. Unsatisfied with their position, they hired legendary copywriter Claude Hopkins.


In the ad that blasted them to the top, Hopkins described in detail the careful process that the company went through to purify their beer and ensure that it was top quality.


He talked about how every pipe was cleaned twice for purity, how each bottle was sterilized four times before it was trusted to hold Schlitz beer and how they used pure water from a 4,000 foot well, despite the Lake michigan nearby being an acceptable source.


The funny thing is…every other beer company used the exact same cleaning process.


However, Schlitz was the first beer company to tell their customers this. Which is why it became such a high converting value proposition.


If you haven’t crafted a value proposition yet, here are 3 quick steps to help you come up with one.


  1. Find your prospects most burning problem.
  2. List the main benefit of what you’re offering.
  3. Understand how you differ from your competition.


Another excellent way to develop your value proposition is to ask your customers and dive deeper into your business. Do a survey and ask why they like doing business with you. What attracts them to your business the most? Do some sleuthing behind the scenes.




  • Reduce the Number of Options



While you might think more is better, sometimes in the world of marketing it isn’t.


Reducing options and required fields can lead to shocking increases in conversions.


A case study by the New York times tested the influence of choices and options on our buying decisions.


The test was carried out on two different saturdays and had some interesting results.


On one Saturday, 24 different flavors of jam were given. The next Saturday, people were only presented with 6 different flavours.


On the day with 24 different flavors, 60% of the people tasted the jams. Only 3% actually bought anything.


On the day with 6 flavours however, only  40% of people stopped to taste the jam, but 30% of them made purchases. Resulting in 600% more jam sold.


Another case study by Marketing sherpa revealed how just adding one additional field into an opt in form can decrease conversions by a nasty 11%.


The lesson here? Don’t bombard your reader’s with options. Keep things simple and you’re more likely to increase sales.


There you are, 7 proven ways to spike your conversions. The important thing to remember is to constantly test things in your business for optimal results.


How do you go about increasing conversions? Let me know in the comments below!


Hassan Ud-deen is a freelance blogger and email copywriter (who likes to be called “The Wordslinger”). He helps businesses use content to grow. If you need help with your blog posts or copy, shoot him an email.


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7 Must Have Ingredients For A Powerful Sales Letter


There’s a ton of sales letters out there.

Some of them are great, while others just suck ass.

A sales page can make a huge difference in the amount of revenue that your product brings. A good sales page means higher conversions, increased traffic and ultimately more sales and cash.

But how do you go about creating a solid sales letter that milks cash?

1. Dangerously Hypnotic Headlines

A headline can make or break your sales page.

Most writers often slap one together at the last second.

This is a big mistake.

Think about it.

Before your prospect arrives at your body copy, the only way to attract his attention is to draw  him in with your headline…And according to master copywriter John Carlton, “Savvy copywriters often spend 90% of their time crafting just the headline”.

Your headline is the foundation of your sales page. If it fails, so does everything else.

It has two main objectives:

1. Stop your intended audience dead cold and steal their attention

2. Grab them by the hand and lead them in to your ad

And for your headline to do the two things above, it has to either;  provide a benefit so valuable and mouth-watering that your prospect can’t help but read it, or pique his curiosity until he can’t help but descend down into your copy.

Take for example the following headlines below:

  •  How To Jack Up Your Testosterone Level Over 250% At Exactly The Right Time In Your Workout… Every Time You Work Out (John Carlton)
  • How To Burn Off Body Fat, Hour-By-Hour (Gary Halbert)
  • Do You Make These Mistakes In English? (Gary Halbert)

They all either pique the reader’s curiosity or provide an enticing benefit that is guaranteed to powerfully suck readers into reading on.

When coming up with your next headline, think about the biggest benefit or most unique  feature of whatever you’re selling is, then work that into your headline.

2. Gripping Opening Paragraphs

Want to know the purpose of your headline? To get the the first sentence read.

The purpose of the first sentence? To get the second sentence read.

And the purpose of the second sentence? You guessed it…to get the third sentence read. And so on etc.

Once you’ve got a pack-a-punch headline, your next hurdle is to lure your reader deeper into your copy with captivating sentences and paragraphs.

Because if your reader doesn’t make it past your opening sentences and paragraphs, he damn sure ain’t making it down to your buy it now button.

So how do you keep your reader glued to your copy and have him smoothly slide from paragraph to paragraph like Tarzan swings effortlessly from tree to tree?


Use short sentences, short paragraphs and ask questions, just like what I’m doing to you right now .

Short sentences and paragraphs are easy to read. Follow them up with a couple of questions, and you have a smooth conversational flow that compels people to keep reading.

3. Subheads That Demand Attention

Subheadings are like mini-headlines. Not only do they entice your reader further down the page; but they also break up your copy and make it look less intimidating.

Most people scan when they read; your copy is no different.

Subheads will allow scanners to quickly identify what part of your copy resonates with them and instead of having to dive into an ocean of words and information.

Again, use the same principles behind creating killer headlines to create killer subheads.

4. Use Attention Arresting Words That Slap Your Prospects In the Face

Good copy goes light on goes light on adjectives. And heavy on action verbs.”John Carlton.

The purpose of copy is to boil your readers emotional cauldron till they are driven to take action.  And one way to instantly inject a hefty emotional wallop into your writing, is to use power-words that force readers to feel.

Your words have to penetrate your readers defenses and open the floodgates of emotion.

The best the way to do that is to paint vivid pictures in your prospects mind via hard-hitting action verbs.

Take a look at the sentence below.

“He was a horrible, cruel man who’s ginger colored hair blew in the wind as he told his sad, sobbing wife that their marriage was over.

Compare that too…

“The cold-hearted bastard plunged a knife right into her heart.”

Action verbs add attention arresting strength and vigor to your copy that adjectives lack.

To crank up the power of your words, find a sales letter that blew your mind and study the action verbs. Ask yourself what other words could be used. Play with the sentence structure. Get used to picking the right word.

 5. Bullet Points That Stomp On Greed Glands

You’ve captured your readers attention. He’s interested in your copy. The next step?

Stomp on your his greed glands. Show him how he’ll benefit from your product. How?

Fire benefit driven bullet points that transform his spark of interest into a monstrous flame of scorching desire.

Start off by creating a fact file about your product. These are the simple features of your product.

Let’s say your selling an exercise program designed to help people lose weight.  Your features would look like this:

  • Five 60 minute DVDs that show you how to correctly perform calisthenic exercises and the mistakes to avoid.
  • A 100 page e-book on nutrition
  • A workbook for you to track your progress

That’s a basic list of features. Stopping here is a big no no. Your customers burning questions need to be answered.

What you need to do now, is transform those features into benefits. What will those features do for your customer?

  • The 60 minute DVDs are included because they help you perform exercises correctly and prevent injury from improper form. They have been proven as best way to learn the exercises, and they allow you to exercise in the comfort of your own home, without having to worry about pesky opening times.
  • There’s a plethora of false information about dieting that encourages long term health problems. We’ve included this nutritional eBook to help you hit the ground running and dodge dangerous diet fads, and direct you to the health-boosting power-foods.
  • Losing weight can be a rocky road at times. That’s why you need something to motivate you. We’ve included a tailor made workbook to help you track your progress, identify where your weaknesses are and most importantly keep you in a positive mind frame.

See what’s going on here?

The benefits of the product are being pumped straight into the readers brain. Instantly increasing his desire for what you are selling.

6. No Risk On Your Prospects Side

People have been take for a ride too often.

They’ve paid for stuff that and it never arrived before.  Why are you any different? How can they trust you?

Sure, you promise that your product will shatter their expectations and that their satisfaction is guaranteed. But guess what, so does everybody else.

The only way to squash the doubts squirming inside your readers brain, is to back your product up with an iron clad guarantee; where you shoulder all the risk.

Offer a 100% money back guarantee and back your claims with cold hard cash. Put your money where your mouth is.

7. A Solid Call to Action

There’s a reason behind why most sales letters have the following phrases at the end; buy now, order before it’s too late, hurry.

It’s because your copy is designed to move your reader to act. Nothing else.

And if you let your readers attention waver even just a little… you’ve lost.

You have to catch him in full lust mode and lead him by the hand to a better place.

You don’t need anything fancy here. Just something that invites the specific action you want.


There you are 7 must have ingredients for a killer sales letter. What do you think is the most important part of  a sales letter and why?

Let me know in the comments below!



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