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Psssssst, hey over here.


My name’s Hassan.  I’m on a mission to destroy selfish, boring B2B marketing that’s so bland it lulls insomniacs to sleep, and more importantly…

To help small-medium sized B2B businesses (0-10 employees range) skyrocket their profits by providing punch-you-in-the-gut no B.S. marketing  that will  snap customers out their slumbers and seduce them into buying.

Welcome to my website.

You’ll find tons of free information on how to deliver attention-grabbing sizzle to sell the heck out your juicy mouth-watering stake. (Or whichever awesome product you’re rocking) and, how to obliterate tasteless marketing that’s costing you business.

Oh, and be sure to troll me on twitter @Hassassinzcreed

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Speak to you soon!


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