5-Must Have Books for Triggering Explosive Business Growth

If there’s one thing stopping you from triggering explosive growth in your business it’s knowledge…


Knowing how to generate prospects and close leads.


Remember, no matter what type of business you’re in, you’re always in the business of marketing.


So here are 5 must reads that will (when coupled with action) smash you beyond your current level of business and leave your competition coughing over your dust bubbles.


Why 5?


Because it’s better to learn from 5 great books and apply that knowledge; rather than whiz through 20 good ones with just surface level insight.


These have been the most influential marketing books for me and for many others. I hope you can find value in them too.


1- Getting Everything You Can Out of All You’ve Got – Jay Abraham


A no no-nonsense book that slices through all the fluff and gives you timeless marketing lessons that apply to any business. you could put into action one day and profit from the next.


2- Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion – Robert B. Cialdini


This pack-a-punch book is an excellent tool for understanding human nature and psychology and how to apply that knowledge to your marketing, with vivid stories that illustrate the power of a little psychology in your marketing. Definitely a lethal weapon to holster in your marketing arsenal.


3- Kick-Ass Copywriting Secrets of a Marketing Rebel – John Carlton


The book is only available directly from John’s site, it’s more pricey than your average marketing/copywriting book, but it’s worth every single penny. Crammed with secret treasures from a battle-tested marketing veteran, this book reads like a hypnotic page turning thriller. John’s infectious writing style leaps out the pages and into your brain whilst drilling you with actionable pearls of copywriting and marketing wisdom that are guaranteed to help you fatten your wallets.


4- The E myth– Michael Gerber


The E myth is an essential reading for anyone with an audience based business. The main message being how to work on your business and not in it. How to actually grow a business, not just waste away time doing technical work. Which can prove challenging for many of us business owners who are in love with the services and products we offer.

5- Engagement from Scratch!: How Super-Community Builders Create a Loyal Audience and How You Can Do the Same – Danny Inny


The ultimate guide on growing your audience based business and it’s free on the firepole marketing website!


Danny Inn, and other well known individuals who have built thriving audience based business use their insights to describe how they would build an audience based business again, literally from scratch. Implementing the advice in this book will enhance your business, simple as.

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3 thoughts on “5-Must Have Books for Triggering Explosive Business Growth

  1. Hi Hassan,

    A fine selection you’ve gathered together here. I think of them all, I’ve read the E-Myth by Michael Gerber (and its sister book, E-Myth Revisited), several times. It first introduced me to the notion of creating a business that was organised and ran towards a desired outcome, rather just becoming another job.

    And all of them sell the notion of putting people first. Can’t argue with that.

    Cheers Hassan, enjoyed this.

    1. Hi Tom,

      The E-myth was a great book. But one of my favorites is John Carlton’s Kick-ass Copywriting Secrets.
      Even though it’s about copywriting. It’s still highly relevant to the blogging world.

      Glad you enjoyed the list Tom,

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